Rieß, Fritz

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Fritz Rieß was born on 11th July 1922 in Nürnberg. After the end of the World War II he was the first motorcycle racing driver for the Nürnberg Victoria-Werke AG. In 1949 he took part in circuit racing on Ex-Holbein-HH racing car. He reached respectable 3rd place at Solitude on his HH 47 in October 1949 in the class to 2 liters. Being raised in a wealthy family, Fritz Rieß was able to afford two new Veritas and AFM racing car for the season 1950. With this car he stood out in numerous racing events and caused a sensation at Eifel racing on Nürburgring, where he defined for himself a sports car class as well as racing car class. He won German championship for sports car this year and received the Golden Motor Sports award. The racing year 1951 brought him good placing as well. In Freiburg at Schauinsland, in Reim by Munich, in Hockenheim as well as at Grenzlandring Rieß was able to prove his class. At the Dessauer highway course he triumphed equally to Eifel racing in the sports car category, which he was able to define for himself after the bitter battle against experienced Toni Ulmer. After thorough examination during the training in Monza Rieß was got on board of redux Mercedes team by Alfred Neubauer and won together with Hermann Lang on the newly developed 300 SL (W 194) the 24-hours racing of Le Mans in 1952. At the Grand Prix of Bern in 1952 he reached 3rd place on this car behind Kling and Lang. At the Mercedes fourfold victory at the great anniversary on Nürburgring he took 4th place. In 1953 as Mercedes made a break in motor sports Rieß still took part in some sports car racings for Alfa Romeo. However, he stepped back soon from sports due to career and family reasons.