New S-Class at Geneva Motor Show

  • Date
    7 - 17 March 1991
  • Description
    The new 140-series S-Class with models 300 SE/SEL, 400 SE/SEL, 500 SE/SEL and 600 SE/SEL makes its debut at the Geneva Motor Show. The top-of-the-range 600 SE and 600 SEL models are the first Mercedes-Benz production cars equipped with a twelve-cylinder engine, the 300 kW / 408 hp 6-litre V12 M 120. Featuring a host of technical innovations, the new S-Class saloon also launches a stylistically new interpretation of the traditional Mercedes radiator grille, the so-called integrated radiator with star mounted on the engine hood. Additionally, it paves the way for innovative environmental technology: during its development the S-Class was consistently designed for recyclability, the use of recycled materials, and the complete avoidance of environmentally harmful chlorofluorocarbons. The latest experimental car with electric propulsion based on the compact class is also presented in Geneva, featuring two electric motors fed by sodium-nickel chloride batteries, one driving each rear wheel. The advantage of this new propulsion system is the omission of heavy mechanical components.

  • 2001DIG99
    Mercedes-Benz 140-series S-Class Sedan. So-called integrated radiator with the star mounted on the hood, a new interpretation of the traditional Mercedes radiator grill.
    Mercedes-Benz Baureihe 140
  • A91F157
    Mercedes Benz 600 SEL
    Mercedes-Benz Typ 600 SEL
  • D90F2177
    Mercedes Benz 500 SEL
    Mercedes-Benz Typ 500 SEL
  • B91F18
    Mercedes-Benz 140-series S-Class Sedan.
    MB Baureihe 140