Kling, Karl

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Born on 16.09.1910 in Gießen. Before the World War II he already actively took part for Daimler-Benz in different occasional racing events. Right after the end of the war he had success on Veritas and after 1948 became three times in a row German sports car champion. In 1950 he triumphed for the first time on Mercedes. Further great successes he reached on  a racing car 300 SL in 1952. The collision with a vulture at Carrera Panamericana, which almost costed him and his injured co-driver Hans Klenk a victory, was unforgettable. After Daimler-Benz AG Comeback to the Grand-Sports 1954 Kling became a part of the successful team beside Juan Manuel Fangio, Hermann Lang und Hans Herrmann. Described by Alfred Neubauer as “gentlemen behind the wheel”, Kling took numerous excellent places for Mercedes team. He reached, for e.g.second place behind Fangio straight away in the first Formula 1 racing of Mercedes-Benz, Grand Prix of France in 1954. Since 1956, being a successor of Alfred Neubauer in the position of a sports department manager, he was partly involved in such occasions as victory at rally Algier-Kapstadt 1959 or triumph at the rally Algier-Lagos-Algier 1961 on 220 SE. After his retirement in 1968 he was still for many years there for Mercedes-Benz sports department as an advisor on the side. He still takes part in different demonstration racings with historical silver arrow until these days .