COMCL875784 Model series 437.4

Model series 437.4

From 2002 the Unimog range was divided into two product categories. Off-road capable implement carriers in the 405 series and all-terrain vehicles in the 437.4 series. The 437.4 series was based on the preceding 437.1 series. The exterior appearance was marked by a redesigned radiator grille. A complete technical revision was accompanied by a change in the model designations. As in the 405 series, the model designations of the 437.4 series (U3000, U4000, U5000) no longer gave an indication of the engine output. Previously the rounded-off, ten-fold horsepower figure was part of the model designation, for example U2150 with 214 hp. The model series remains in production, and 6497 units were produced in 12 model variants by the end of 2012. The 437.4 series is also the basis for licenced production of the 436 series in Turkey, and the base vehicle for special-purpose vehicles by other manufacturers, e.g. the KMW Dingo 2. The new generation of the 437.4 series was presented in April 2013.
Unimog U4000 Übergabe von 6 Fzg an das Landesamt für Katastrophen Mecklenburg Vorpommern