Fatal accident in Nice - La Turbie race

  • Date
    26 - 30 March 1900
  • Description
    Several newly designed 23 hp Daimler Phoenix racing cars take part in Nice Week. Emil Jellinek enters two cars registered, as in the previous year, under his pseudonym "Mercédès”. During the Nice - La Turbie hillclimb, works driver Wilhelm Bauer is killed in a collision with a perimeter wall at the wheel of Mercédès II. Co-driver Hermann Braun, who had already survived an earlier roll in Mercédès I in the Nice – Marseilles race, escapes unhurt once again. The tragic accident causes Jellinek to call for the design of a lighter vehicle with a longer wheelbase and lower centre of gravity.
Daimler Phoenix racing car, 23 hp, built in 1900
Daimler Phoenix racing ca