"Stroke Eight" and other new products in Hockenheim

  • Date
    9/10 January 1968
  • Description
    The "New Generation of Mercedes-Benz" is unveiled at Hockenheim. Alongside the new 2.8-litre models 280 S, 280 SE (W 108), 280 SE Coupé and Convertible (W 111) and 280 SL (W 113), a newly-developed mid-range series makes its debut, comprising the 200 D, 220 D, 200, 220 (W 115) and the 230 and 250 (W 114). The "/8" added to the model designation, which refers to the year the car was launched, serves internally to distinguish the new from the previous models. The mid-range series is popularly known as the "Stroke Eight" on account of this.
MB Typ 280 SE Cabriolet
Mercedes-Benz 280 SL
Typ 280 S bzw. 280 SE
Typ 200
MB 280 S bzw. 280 SE