S-Class coupes presented in Frankfurt

  • Date
    17 - 27 September 1981
  • Description
    The 380 SEC and 500 SEC S-Class coupes (126-series) make their debuts at the Frankfurt International Motor Show. Another first on display is the Mercedes-Benz Energy Concept, which permits significant reductions in the fuel consumption of the six and eight-cylinder passenger cars in particular. Another new product is a 200 saloon (123-series) equipped to operate on petrol or liquefied petroleum gas and scheduled to go on sale starting in autumn 1982. Mercedes-Benz presents Auto 2000 at the motor show as a test vehicle for developing innovations in passenger car design. It tests three different drive units: a V6 diesel engine with compound turbocharging, a V8 petrol engine with cylinder cut-out system, and a gas turbine. In the commercial vehicle sector, the van series introduced in 1967 (internally designated T 2) makes its debut with improved design and equipment along with the 4.6-tonne variants of the light van series presented in 1977 (internally designated TN or T 1). Also new are two large-displacement, very economical naturally aspirated engines, which find use in medium and heavy-duty trucks: the OM 421 V6 and the OM 423 V10.
The "Auto 2000", a Daimler-Benz research car. The project vehicle was fitted with ABS, electronic traction control and a proximity radar.
Auto 2000
Mercedes-Benz 409 D and 508 D panel van
Mercedes-Benz 409 D und 508 D
Mercedes-Benz 500 SEC
S-Klasse-Coupés der Baureihe 126
Mercedes-Benz 500 SEC