Daimler, Gottlieb

Daimler, Gottlieb
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  • B38362
    Gottlieb Daimler, by the year 1890 (coloured).
    Gottlieb Daimler
  • 1994M115
    Portrait of Gottlieb Daimler by the year 1878.
    Gottlieb Daimler
  • C35603
    Fotomontage, Gottlieb Daimler mit Unterschrift.
    Fotomontage, Daimler
  • U74393
    Gottlieb Daimler and his first wife Emma (her maiden name was "Kurtz").  The photograph was taken by the year 1875.
    Gottlieb Daimler and his wife Emma, 1875
  • 19779
    Gottlieb Daimler at an advanced age. By the end of 1883, he and Wilhelm Maybach develop a small, high-speed internal combustion engine with an uncontrolled hot-tube ignition system ready for patenting. The next test engine, referred to as the "Grandfather-Clock Engine" due to its resemblance to pendulum clocks, is the final breakthrough in 1884 and appears in various stages of development in the so-called “Reitwagen”, in the Daimler Motor Carriage and in various boats.
    Gottlieb Daimler
  • 23130
    Daimler family at 1885 on the terrace of their villa in Cannstatt. 
From the left: Gottlieb Daimler, his sister-in-law Marie Kurz, sons Paul and Adolf, Daimler's father-in-law Friedrich Kurz - a pharmacist, Daimler's youngest son Wilhelm, his first wife Emma - named Kurz by birth,  the oldest daughter Emma and finally the second daughter Martha; and not forgetting the dog "Bello".
    Daimler family
  • 23171
    Gottlieb Daimler (1834-1900), born in Schorndorf, as a technical draughtsman in Geislingen at the age of ca. 30 years.
    Gottlieb Daimler
  • 25100
    Gottlieb Daimler in seinem Arbeitszimmer, um 1898.
    Gottlieb Daimler, 1898
  • 44719
    Gottlieb Daimler
    Gottlieb Daimler
  • 45559
    Gottlieb Daimler im Jahr 1878
    Gottlieb Daimler
  • 32678
    Gottlieb Daimler und seine zweite Frau Lina, geborene Schwend, verwitwete Hartmann, anno 1893.
    Gottlieb Daimler mit seiner zweiten Frau Lina, 1893
  • C38952
    Carl Benz und Gottlieb Daimler
    Carl Benz und Gottlieb Daimler