COMCL875769 Model series 411

Model series 411

Externally still very reminiscent of the original model, the completely newly developed 411 series was presented in 1956 and replaced the 401 and 402 series. It remained in production until 1974, with a total of 39,851 units leaving the production line. There were 12 model variants. Two wheelbases (1720/2120 mm) and traction head versions were available. The 411 series had different sub-variants, 411a (from 1961), 411b (from 1963) and 411c (from 1964). Alongside the open cab there was an enclosed version, initially the cab model "B" which was repaced by the model "DvF" from 1957 (vF stood for "wider cab"). The DVF cab was however only available in conjunction with the long 2120 mm wheelbase.
Unimog U32, model series 411
Model series 411, U32