European champion in a Mercedes-Benz in Truck Racing Cup

  • Date
    1/2 October 1994
  • Description
    At truck racing's season finale, which traditionally takes place in Jarama, Spain, Slim Borgudd in a Mercedes-Benz 1834 S wins both Super Race Truck runs. With second and fourth-place finishes, Steve Parrish captures his fourth European championship – the first in the Super Race Truck category under the new rules. Slim Borgudd is runner-up, and the manufacturers' crown again goes to Mercedes-Benz.
Truck Race, 1994. Steve Parrish / Atkins team (start number 1) with an Mercedes-Benz 1834 race truck.
Truck Race, 1994.
Steve Parrish (Truck Race, 1994)
Steve Parrish
Truck Race, 1994. Mercedes-Benz Race Typ 1834.
Typ 1834 S