New medium-duty trucks added to commercial vehicles range

  • Date
    11 - 21 September 1975
  • Description
    At the Frankfurt International Motor Show, the New Generation range of commercial vehicles is rounded off by the addition of new medium-duty trucks with 10, 12 and 14-tonne gross vehicle weight. This completes the upgrading process for the truck range upwards of ten tonnes, which began in autumn 1973. The 2032 S (6x2/4) semitrailer tractor presented in Frankfurt with two steered front axles and a planetary rear drive axle continues the tradition of the renowned LPS 333 from the 1950s. Also at the Frankfurt show, Daimler-Benz unveils the first test vehicle with hydrogen-powered drive system and hydride storage tank – based on the L 307 minibus model – to the automotive press.
Mercedes-Benz medium-duty trucks with 10, 12 and 14 t gross vehicle weight, 1975.
Mercedes-Benz Mittelklasse-Lastwagen
Mercedes-Benz 2032 S (6 x 2 - 4) semitrailer tractor, 1975.
Mercedes-Benz 2032 S
Mercedes-Benz L 307 light van of 1975
Test vehicle with hydrogen-powered drive system and hydride storage tank.
Mercedes-Benz L 307 Hydrid-Experimentierfahrzeug