New "Popemobile" based on the 230 G cross-country vehicle

  • Date
    15 - 19 November 1980
  • Description
    Daimler-Benz places a "Popemobile" at the disposal of Pope John Paul II for his visit to Germany. Specially developed for this purpose and based on the 230 G cross-country vehicle, the Popemobile enables optimum visibility with its Plexiglas dome, while providing protection against wind and rain.
Mercedes-Benz 230 G (Popemobile)
Daimler-Benz AG provided various vehicles for papal visits, including this off-road vehicle. 
It is a standard Mercedes-Benz 230 G with a modified body.
The carriage was given a platform on which the Holy Father stands and a bench for his escort. In rainy weather, the Pope is protected by a plexiglass dome that can be placed on the platform.
Mercedes-Benz 230 G (Popemobile)