Maybach 57 S

06C3891_03 Maybach 57 S
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    In 2006, Maybach for the first time presents its high-end performance saloon 57S in white with a shining lacquer at the 78th International Automobile Show in Paris. With this car, the long-standing German luxury brand accomplishes a wish of a customer, who asked for more individuality. The sporty luxury 57S has only two monochrome paintwork finishes in black and silver as standard. The shining new white colour “Antiqua White” effectively underlines the dynamic character of the high-end luxury saloon and particularly impresses passionate drivers with an outreaching performance capacity who like to drive themselves. The 57S white paintwork is applied layer by layer by experienced specialists in an elaborate process using almost twice as many layers as in conventional high-class vehicles. In contrast to conventional paintworks with a sole colour-determining base coat, two paints are needed, in order to obtain unique, mother-of-pearl like shine, one of which contains mica. This material is responsible for the lustre of the colour, which varies according to the incidence of light and shines especially bright in sunlight. In addition, several layers of clear coat are applied, which ensures an especially high resistance.
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