Military government permits production of 170 V delivery vehicles

  • Date
    16 August 1945
  • Description
    Daimler-Benz is granted temporary permission by the American military government to produce an 0.75-tonne delivery vehicle based on the 170 V. In December the production permit for pickups, police vehicles and ambulances is extended for a year.
Mercedes Benz 170 V W 136, 38 hp, panel van, built between 1946 and 1949
Mercedes Benz 170 V
Mercedes Benz 170 V W 136, 38 hp, Platform truck, built between 1946 and 1949
Mercedes Benz 170 V
Mercedes-Benz 170 V Ambulance in the first version with the simple Hägele cab, but by now equipped with larger headlights. An emergency patient can be transported on a stretcher in the back. The door in the box wagon can be used to access the seat of an accompanying person.
Mercedes Benz 170 V Ambulance