A-Class, Saloon - W 168, safety

A96F6057 A-Class, Saloon - W 168, safety
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    Mercedes-Benz A-Class, model series 168, crash tests, 1996. The A-Class meets all current and future safety requirements for a frontal and side impact. It absolved an extensive test programme in just 32 months. The engineers conducted more than 50 crash tests with prototypes and pre-series models, so as to optimise the safety concept. The result: The A-Class meets the future legal requirements for side impacts as well as the EU requirements for frontal impact valid from 1998. The occupants of the A-Class were also very well protected in an impact with a larger vehicle. It met all internal Mercedes-Benz safety criteria, which were far more stringent than the statutory requirements. The extensive development programme also included the offset crash into larger and heavier vehicles.
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