Unimog presents successor generation

  • Date
    9 - 17 May 1992
  • Description
    The successor generation to the light and medium-duty Unimog series is presented at the International Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover in the form of the U 90 (408 series) and U 110 and U 140 (418 series) models. Meanwhile, the EXT-92 Euro Experimental Truck is a design study and innovation vehicle presented by Mercedes-Benz to demonstrate how the long-distance truck of the future might look. Among the new products in the bus and coach segment are the O 100 City based on the MB 100 D and the prototype of the O 340 touring coach produced by Mercedes-Benz Türk. On display from the O 404 touring coach series are the basic variant O 404 RH and the O 404 DD double-decker. Setra presents the S 312 HD touring coach as a new variant in the 300 series and the S 215 NR, Europe’s first low-floor interurban bus.
Mercedes-Benz Unimog models U 90, U 110 and U 140 from 1992.
Unimog model series 408 and 418
Mercedes-Benz EXT-92 Euro experimental truck, a design study, 1992
Euro-Experimental-Truck EXT-92
Mercedes-Benz O 340 prototype, 1992
Mercedes-Benz O 340
Mercedes-Benz O 100, city bus
Mercedes-Benz O 100
Setra S 312 HD
Setra S 312 HD
Mercedes-Benz O 404 DD, prototype, 1992
Mercedes-Benz O 404 DD