Parrish is European Truck Racing champion in Class C for the third time

  • Date
    2/3 October 1993
  • Description
    At the truck-racing season finale in Jarama, Spain, Steve Parrish wins the first run in a Mercedes-Benz 1450 S, with Axel Hegmann taking second. In the second run Hegmann wins and Parrish finishes second. Parrish is thus European Truck racing champion in Class C for the third time; brand colleagues Markus Oestreich, Axel Hegmann and Heinz Dehnhardt follow in the rankings. Mercedes-Benz tops the constructors' rankings in Class C by a large margin.
Truck race in Jarama, 1993. Two successes for the Mercedes-Benz 1834 racing truck. Competitor's number 1 - Steve Parrish, Atkins Team. Number 3 - Fritz Kreutzpointner, M-Racing Team.
Truck Race in Jarama, 1993
Truck Race in Jarama, 1993. Winner Steve Parrish.
Steve Parrish