PKW1031 Benz Velo and Comfortable, 1894 - 1901

Benz Velo and Comfortable, 1894 - 1901

In 1894 Benz launched the model "Velociped" - nicknamed "Velo" - a light vehicle going down in history as the first small car and the first series-automobile in the world. In the beginning the "Velo" was equipped with an engine doing 1.5 hp at 450 rpm. Up to the end of production in 1901, the engine's performance could be improved to 3.5 hp at 800 rpm.

From 1898 onwards a better equipped variation was offered, too, the "Velociped Comfortable" or short "Comfortable". Overall about 1,200 units of the "Velo" and the "Comfortable" were produced, most of them for exports.