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PKW1010030 Benz patent motor car (Model 3; 2.5 hp)

Benz patent motor car (Model 3; 2.5 hp)

  • Production
    1886 - 1894
  • Combustion principle
  • Configuration
    rear, horizontal
  • Number of cylinders / arrangement
    1 / horizontal; horizontal flywheel, from 1888 vertical
  • Bore x Stroke
    115 x 160 mm
  • Total displacement
    1660 cc
  • Rated output
    2.5 hp at 500 rpm
  • Number of valves / arrangement
    1 intake-guiding blade, from 1888 intake valve; 1 exhaust valve/vertical
  • Valve operation
    intake via eccentric rod; exhaust via cam disc, rocker arm and push rod
  • Fuel system
    Benz surface carburettor
  • Fuel tank: position / capacity
    not fitted (fuel reserve in the carburettor)
  • Frame design
    steel-tube frame
  • Front-wheel suspension
    1 front wheel in steering fork
  • Rear-wheel suspension
    rigid axle
  • Front springs
    1 small full-elliptical spring (transverse)
  • Rear springs
    full-elliptic springs
  • Steering
    rack-and-pinion steering, steering crank in centre of vehicle
  • Brake system (foot brake)
    not fitted
  • Parking brake (hand brake)
    wood-pad brakes, acting on rear tyres
  • Wheels
    wooden-spoke wheels; front 760 mm, rear 1260 mm
  • Tires
    front wheel: iron or solid-rubber; rear wheel: iron
  • Driven wheels
    rear wheels
  • Drivetrain
    1 flat belt from the engine to the countershaft with pulley set and integrated differential; one chain from the countershaft to each of the rear wheels
  • Gearing
    2 forward gears, no reverse gear
  • Shifting
    shifting of the belt between the pulleys by hand lever
  • Clutch
    not fitted
  • Transmission type
    loose- and two-stage fixed-pulley set
  • Maximum speed
    20 km/h
  • Wheelbase
    1575 mm
  • Front / rear track
    rear 1190 mm
  • Kerb weight
    360 kg
  • Units produced
    a total of approx. 25 (all engine versions)
  • Prices
    two-seater with roof half: Mk. 3,000.-