Forerunner of the A-Class at Frankfurt show

  • Date
    9 - 19 September 1993
  • Description

    Mercedes-Benz presents the "Vision A 93" concept study, a precursor to the A-Class, at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt am Main. One of the planned drive system variants is an electric drive with sodium nickel-chloride battery. A special feature of this electrically powered variant is the first-time use of a drive system with 550-volt technology. This provides important advantages such as weight reduction and a higher peak motor output. The 206 kW / 280 hp C 36 developed by AMG debuts as the top-of-the-line C-Class (202 series). The 3.6-litre six-cylinder AMG engine from the M 104 series is also used in modified form in the E 36 AMG, available as Estate, Coupé and Convertible. Uprated variants of the E-Class Saloon (W 210) and SL (R 129) are offered with a 280 kW / 381 hp 6-litre V8-engine as the E 60 AMG and SL 60 AMG. Another show first is an electrically powered vehicle based on the C-Class. It features a sodium-nickel chloride high-temperature battery which is liquid-cooled for the first time and installed in two modules. Heating, air conditioning and steering are of innovative technological design. The G 320 cross-country vehicle also makes its debut, powered by the 3.2-litre four-valve M 104 engine. An important new feature in the G 320 – which replaces the G 300 in spring 1994 – is a driver’s airbag adapted for use in cross-country vehicles, fitted as standard from March 1994.

Mercedes-Benz C 36 AMG, W 202, 1993
Mercedes-Benz C 36 AMG
Mercedes-Benz C 36 AMG,
202 series, 1993
Mercedes-Benz C 36 AMG
Vision A 93 concept study, 1993
Vision A 93 concept study
Mercedes-Benz G-Class, long wheelbase, 5-door, Off-Roader, model series 463, 1994 version.
G-Class, Off-Roader - W 463
Mercedes-Benz SL 60 AMG, 129 series, 1993 to 1995
SL 60 AMG, Roadster - R 129
The E 60 AMG (W 124) is an absolute rarity in the AMG history; it is designed in just the time between 1993 and 1994 and then distributed within the official Mercedes-Benz portfolio.
Mercedes-Benz E 60 AMG
Mercedes-Benz C-Class from the 202 series, electric drive, 1993
Graphic with labeling
Mercedes-Benz C-Class electric drive